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Headhunting service

We understand that the success of organizations is intrinsically related to the quality of their managers.

For this reason, we offer a personalized executive search service (Executive, Search), selecting the best qualified candidates for the position that your company needs to fill.

We have a database of candidates specified by sectors and by positions.

We prepare a Capacity Assessment, in different areas such as the strategic one. leadership, operations and management, based on different means such as direct search and we even provide references in the selection of executives, to ensure a correct choice.

And finally, we proactively support the integration of the selected candidate, advising them in the adaptation process to ensure that the process is positive and that we achieve the maximum performance of the manager as soon as possible.

Selection of International Staff

At EUROSELECCION & PARTNERS we have extensive experience in the selection of professionals for positions in internationalized Spanish companies or in local companies demanding their profile on an international level. 

We will find the most prepared people both in Spain and in the candidate's country of destination.

Professional profiles that we selec


-Directives: top executives and middle managers.

-Sales sector: commercial profiles.

-Health sector: nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dentists ...

-Engineering sector: civil, industrial, automotive, naval, telecommunications, computer, aerospace engineers.

-IT Sector: developers, managers, programmers, systems engineers ...

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Selection of staff in Spain

To meet the needs of our client companies and their vacancies, EUROSELECCION & PARTNERS not only has the best headhunters, but we also provide extensive experience in the staff selection sector. We have the best techniques to find the best qualified crew for each position regardless of the sector to which our clients belong.

Our services include the provision of psychological tools, tests of different languages, computing, social or financial networks, among others.

All of the above goes through a final verification in our interview proceedings, which can be carried out either in our offices or through videoconference if the situation requires it.