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The company is one of the biggest on-line retailers in the Netherlands, a fast growing professional E-commerce company located in Enschede.


The environment within the company is informal, young and dynamic, with an average age of 28.

Many people visit the company's website every day, putting it to the test in many ways. Changing demands from the marketing department, new desires from clients: the development of their systems never ends and it's the reason why our client needs reinforcement.


Job requirements


  • EU citizen or work permit in the Netherlands.
  • Preferably a Bachelor or Master's degree.
  • Knowledge of:
    • PHP, all the daily functions, possibilities and constraints.
    • HTML, 95% of the tags and what they do.
    • CSS, with a capability of working with the available formats.
  • It is a big plus if you have experience with Java.
  • It is also an advantage if you are able to work with javascript and have experience in issue based working, git or other types of version control.
  • Good knowledge of the English language (both written and spoken).

We are looking for a medior developer with a couple of years of experience. If your knowledge of PHP (and preferably also Java) is up-to-date and you can demonstrate some years of experience or projects you have finished, you're more than welcome to contact us.
The most important thing is that you like to code and that it is up to date, along with your knowledge of PHP and MySQL (backend programming).

You are an independent worker who knows about code specifications.


Your position


You will get a coach (senior developer) who will support you personally and with their experience and knowledge. You will receive assignments from the whole organisation. You will receive feedback from your coach as well as from your internal client.
It's important that you are self-drive, have your own ideas and feel free to express them to your colleagues.
It's a small organisation, where it's easy to communicate with everybody and where you have lots of possibilities to express your own creativity and ideas.


Your tasks


  • To implement a new (responsive) template (note: CSS will be delivered)
  • To implement new ideas and support on the improvement and bug fixing of the website shop.
  • To support new platforms they may want to use.
  • To think about technical solutions which support the growth of the company.

The offer


A job in which you can grow. The company is growing and so are their employees. Development is a very important part of the company: development of their systems and development of their employees.
You will receive a good salary and other benefits. You will work in a healthy company with 11 young professionals (18-35 years old). You will have to share your workplace with 3 colleagues, including your coach. The culture of the company is open and accessible. They like to discuss new ideas and tasks with colleagues, where they expect you to defend your own ideas with passion. You should be happy to work within and be part of a team: they enjoy having lunch together and ending the working day with a beer. They like to make jokes with each other. A few times a year they do things together in their spare time, like sailing, trial biking or camping. It’s very important to our client that everybody respects each other and creates a pleasant work environment.


The company offers a 7 month contract at the beginning. After this, two 8 month contracts (because of the regulation in the Netherlands for flexible contracts). After these periods a permanent contract will be offered.
The salary is 2,000€ gross a month for a junior and 2,300 - 2,500€ gross a month for a medior. The net salary for the medior will be approximately 1.850 - 1.960€ per month.
Every a 5% bonus (of the gross salary) is paid. This is meant for retirement pension, but the employee can also choose to use it for something else - free choice on how to spent it.
40 hours a week, 5 days a week (Monday - Friday). The company is open till 10.30pm, so the employee can also work during the evening.
They offer a budget of 1,000 € per year for education/courses, which should go towards something interesting for the company and the company has to agree with it.
They offer 21 or 23 holidays per year (depending on junior - medior/senior)
8% of the annual salary is holiday allowance, paid in the month of May every year.


The procedure


When the company is interested in an applicant, they will sent them a test to check the knowledge and speed of PHP developing. He or she has to develop a case in PHP. After this test, the company will judge the results and invite him/her (or not) for a Skype interview. After a positive Skype meeting the applicant will be invited to come to the Netherlands. The company will pay for the flight/stay in the Netherlands during this visit.

Immediate incorporation to the company.

Please do not apply if you do not meet the requirements.


Interested send cvs in Spanish to: ref.1710

Only the pre-selected applications will be answered.

* The information received will be treated in accordance with Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data